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Must Read: Arafat Bombs, Europe Pays
English translation of an article from the German weekly Die Zeit. On the extent of the European Union's financial support for Arafat's sick regime (6/11/2002)
Psychotic Death Cult Photo Album
See the photographs that the military wing of Hamas chooses to honor itself, proving once again that it is nothing more than a psychotic death cult (7/14/2002)
Maps of "Palestine"
A collection of images, showing what the Palestinians still believe to be the map of their country. Can anybody tell what's wrong with these pictures? (7/3/2002)

Stefan's Writings

How Other Countries Condemn Terrorism
If Saudi Arabia is searching for the right words to condemn terrorism, they might learn from other countries, like Australia, France and Japan (6/2/2002)
My Saudi Pen-Pal (the sequel)
The Saudi government condemns all forms of terrorism, with the exception of suicide bombings against Israeli civilians. (5/28/2002)
Letters to the Editor
Stefan's contributions to the Vox Populi (last updated 5/21/2002)
Human Shields for Palestine
The single most important thing the anti-Israel progressive left can do to stop the violence and bring about a Palestinian state: Go to Israel and talk a suicide bomber out of committing mass murder. (4/29/2002)
My Saudi Pen-Pal
E-mail Correspondence with a P.R. officer from the Saudi Embassy in Washington. Yes, the Saudi regime condones suicide bombers. (4/20/2002)
Scheer Stupidity
Stefan adds inline commentary to selected rants from Los Angeles Times and The Nation columnist, Robert Scheer.
"Arafat, by Feeding on Martyrdom, Dooms His People"
by Robert Scheer
Scheer mostly gets it this time, but not completely (6/13/2002)
"U.S. Jews Cannot Acquiesce to Sharon's Monstrous Behavior"
by Robert Scheer
From Santa Monica, California, where every little girl is allowed to finish her pizza, Scheer scolds Israel for using force to protect its citizens. He is also distressed by the large number of Jews in the U.S. media. (4/21/2002)
"Sharon Wears Oppressor's Cloak" by Robert Scheer
The Nation's foreign affairs expert gets confused while trying to draw comparisons between the Middle East and Yugoslavia. (4/21/2002)
"The Palestinian Side Must Be Told" by Robert Scheer
The cognitively disheveled pundit admits that the fundamental problem in the Middle East is the failure of the Arabs to accept Israel’s existence. His solution: the American media should hire more Arab journalists. He doesn't tell us who should be fired to make room. We’d like to make a suggestion. (4/24/2002) (See also Stefan's kinder, gentler answer to Scheer which was published as a Letter to the Editor in the San Francisco Chronicle 4/26/2002)

Other People's Writings

On the Revival of German Anti-Semitism
"If Sharon didn't exist, Anti-Semitism would have had to invent him."
Sueddeutsche Zeitung(4/14/2002) (English translation)
An Open Letter to the Palestinians from an Agnostic
New Zealander David White tells Palestinians to "get real", and "Accept that Jews are human beings. Accept the verdict of 1948 and learn to live with it... Teach science and mathematics, not hate. Look to the future, not the past. Stop blaming Americans and Jews for all your problems, and take responsibility for your own actions."


Thomas Friedman, Pulitzer Prize winning New York Times columnist

Ha'aretz, leading Israeli daily newspaper (English) (Hebrew)

The Syria Times
Pull up a chair, make a bowl of popcorn, grab an ice-cold soda and some Junior Mints. This official propaganda organ is good for more laughs than a Bugs Bunny Film Festival.

A collection of editorials from the Arab press calling for an end to suicide bombings and a recognition of Israel's right to exist

Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics
"truthful and impartial official statistics on demographic, social, economic and environmental states and trend to serve the Palestinian citizenry", so states the home page.
Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI)
Translations into English of actual items from the Arabic, Farsi and Hebrew press
Reports from the Center for Monitoring the Impact of Peace (CMIP)
Monitors how Middle Eastern societies educate their students on the conflict and the neighbors. Reports on school curricula and text books used in Israel and the Arab World.
The Moellemann File
Keeping tabs on controversial German politician, Juergen Moellemann, whose campaign strategy includes condoning terrorism against Israeli civilians and blaming Jewish community leaders for causing anti-Semitism.

Saudi Arabian embassy in Washington DC (send them e-mail)

Pictures and stories of those who were murdered in the name of Palestine
Among the 400+ indiscriminate victims of the recent terror were Chinese guest-workers, foreign tourists, infants, retarded children, an 89-year-old Auschwitz survivor, a Greek Orthodox monk, dozens of teenagers and several Arabs
More photos from the "Human Rights in Palestine" file
Palestinians drag the body of a suspected collaborator along a street in Hebron, and another suspected collaborator is lynched in Ramallah.
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