Jeopardy! vs. the American Legal System

by Stefan Sharkansky

The TV Game Show Jeopardy!

American Legal System

Alex Trebek

Alan Dershowitz

Johnny Gilbert

Johnny Ashcroft

“Our returning champion, a schoolteacher originally from Omaha, Nebraska...”

“Please state your name and address for the record”

Snappy theme song(click here)

“... and justice for all”

King World Productions

American Bar Association

Commercial sponsors

Insurance companies

Millions of home viewers

Nina Totenberg

Contestants phrase responses in the form of a question..

Witnesses lie under oath

Daily Double

Punitive damages

Double Jeopardy!

Double jeopardy

Final Jeopardy!

Capital punishment

Second place finisher wins trip to Florida

Second place finisher pays through the nose

Five-time champions

Three strikes and you’re out

College Tournament

Harvard Law School

Celebrity Tournament

O.J. Simpson Trial



Movie trivia

Long Dong Silver

Buzzing in quickly is more important than knowing all the answers.

Hiring a smart lawyer is more important than having a legitimate case.

“I’ll take The Bill of Rights for $500 please, Alex”

“I’ll take the Fifth Amendment, your honor”

The Price Is Right

Exorbitant attorney fees

Dustin Hoffman’s character in Rain Man watched Jeopardy! obsessively.

Dustin Hoffman’s character in Rain Man watched People’s Court obsessively.

Wheel of Fortune

Scales of Justice