Downtown Seattle Republican Club

The Downtown Seattle Republican Club meets for dinner with a special guest speaker Monday evenings at 5pm. After dinner there is a formal interview and Q&A session with the speaker, taped for broadcast on local cable television. The calendar below shows a list of upcoming speakers, along with a few highlights of recent speakers. Unless otherwise noted, the meeting is held from 5pm-7pm at the College Club, 505 Madison Avenue.

The only cost is dinner from the College Club. No-host bar is also available.

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Former state Sen., gubernatorial candidate and author Dino Rossi

Notes: This event starts at 6pm.
RSVP is required for this event. E-mail: theshark .at. usefulwork .dot. com


Bob Williams of the Evergreen Freedom Foundation, on election reform.


Attorney General Rob McKenna


King County Prosecutor Norm Maleng

7/18 (summer break)
6/20 Washington Senate Republican leader Bill Finkbeiner

Environmental activist and Sound Transit watchdog Emory Bundy, discussing the recently released Sound Transit report card

Notes: This event starts at 6pm.
RSVP is required for this event. E-mail: theshark .at. usefulwork .dot. com


Washington State GOP chairman Chris Vance .

Notes: This event starts at 6pm.
RSVP is required for this event. E-mail: theshark .at. usefulwork .dot. com by 12pm Friday, April 15.


King County Councilman David Irons (R-Sammamish) candidate for King County Executive.

Notes: This event starts at 6pm.
RSVP is required for this event. E-mail: theshark .at. usefulwork .dot. com by 5pm Thursday, March 18.


Mike Siegel, morning talk radio host (KTTH 770), making the case for performance audits ofgovernment agencies. Interviewer is Stefan Sharkansky.

Notes: This event starts at 6pm.
RSVP is required for this event. E-mail: theshark .at. usefulwork .dot. com by noon Friday, February 18.


Mary Lane, policy advisor and spokeswoman for Dino Rossi, with the latest news on the election contest and gubernatorial revote campaign
Interviewer is Stefan Sharkansky

Notes: This event starts at 6pm.
RSVP is required for this event. E-mail: theshark .at. usefulwork .dot. com by Thursday, January 20.

(POSTPONED due to speaker's schedule change.: Raj Manhas, Superintendent of the Seattle Public Schools, on the School District's Five Year Plan)

King County Councilmember Kathy Lambert, (R-Redmond), speaking on the Critical Areas Ordinance and why Seattle residents should be concerned about it too. Interviewer is Stefan Sharkansky
Maggie Fimia, Shoreline City Councilmember, former King County Councilmember (Democrat); The topic "Bipartisan solutions to regional problems". Interviewer is Stefan Sharkansky
Armen Yousoufian, on his Public Disclosure Act lawsuit, which was recently decided by the Washington state Supreme Court. Interviewer is Stefan Sharkansky. [streaming video is available from the Seattle Channel, here]
David Irons, King County Councilmember.
Congressman George Nethercutt, candidate for United States Senate. Guest interviewer is Stefan Sharkansky
Michael Medved on the topic "Media Bias: What's the Motivation?"; guest interviewer is Stefan Sharkansky. RSVP required for this event
E-mail: theshark .at. usefulwork .dot. com [streaming video is available from the Seattle Channel, here]
Cindy Laws, Seattle Monorail Project board member
Three of Seattle's Republican State House candidates ('Urban Freedom-fighters'): 34th, Pos.1-Savun Neang; 34th, Pos 2- Paul Byrne & 37th, Pos 2 -Aaron Alberg
David Irons - King County Councilmember
Labor Day; no meeting
College Club closed; no meeting
Charles Hoff - Vice President of the Federal Way School Board, and Paul Guppy of the Washington Policy Center, speaking on I-884, the Education Trust Fund initiative; guest interviewer is Marsha Richards of the Evergreen Freedom Foundation.
Liv Finne - from the Seattle Monorail Recall Campaign; guest interviewer is Stefan Sharkansky
Rep. Jay Rodne - Washington State House of Representatives, 5th District
Stefan Sharkansky - on the Seattle Families and Education Levy
Terrie Johnston - Seattle Police, Outreach Officer for the Crime Prevention Project
Mark Griswold - candidate for State House of Representatives, 43rd District (challenging incumbent Speaker Frank Chopp)
Robert Reedy - candidate for 1st District U.S. House of Representatives
Evan Archilla - author of "Conservative Like Me -- restoring American politics, piety and patriotism from the ground up"
Ron Ewart - on the devastating effects of Washington State's Growth Management Act.
The Science Guy -demonstration of the mystery of magnetism
Rod McFarland - on King County's Critical Areas Ordinance.
Eugene Wasserman - small industry representative--speaking about the effect of tax increases on businesses and jobs.
Jane Hague, King County Councilmember, speaking on proposed changes to the county charter--9 member council?
Dr Roger Stark, candidate for State House of Representatives, 45th Dist
Lou Finney, longtime resident of South Africa. He'll talk about the changes in the political situation there--Who's Taking Over Now?
David Irons, King County Councilmember, speaking on environmental 'Critical Areas' -which affect all of us
Frank Rogers, speaking on vote counting problems.
John White, State Party Attorney who fought case in Supreme Court--on Primaries
Rep. George Nethercutt (R-Spokane), Candidate for U.S. Senate
Rob McKenna, King County Councilmember and GOP candidate for Washington State Attorney General.
Tim Eyman, ballot initiative organizer


The College Club is located in downtown Seattle at 505 Madison Avenue, on the SE corner of 5th Avenue and Madison
FREE PARKING available after 4:30 PM for these events in the garage under the College Club building. The access to the garage is off 5th Avenue, on the east (left) side of 5th, very shortly past the intersection with Madison.

From the north: Take I-5 south to the Union Street/Seattle Convention Center exit. Turn left, or south, on 5th Avenue. Traffic tip: traffic is very congested in the late afternoon, and I recommend you be in the right hand of the two lanes turning left onto 5th Avenue, and remain in the center or right hand lanes until you get to the block with the library. This will avoid the back-up in the left-most lanes that will mostly be turning left just before the library to go east to get on I-5. Just as you cross the intersection with the library ahead of you on the right, move to the far left as fast as you can, and no later than by the time you get to the next intersection, which will be Madison Street. You will need to be in the left-most lane by that time, as, once you cross Madison Street, the entrance to the College Club's parking garage will come up very quickly on your left, just after 2 or 3 parked cars. Warning: the final left turn into the garage entrance is a little tight and narrow with cars right behind you sometimes!

From the south, travelling on I-5 northbound: Take the Exit at Madison. Make a left and cross over I-5, heading west, toward downtown Seattle. The next intersection and traffic light, on the west side of I-5, will be 6th Avenue. You will then plunge steeply downhill passing the front entrance of the College Club and coming to 5th Avenue. At that intersection you should then turn left, or south, on 5th Avenue, and within 3 car lengths turn into the College Club garage.

Broadcast Details

If you don't make it to the meeting and videotaping, each Monday night's interview is broadcast the immediate following Thursday at 5:30 PM, on Seattle Comcast cable channel 77 (SCAN). Some programs are carried by the Seattle Channel

Contact Information

Ken Seal, President
Downtown Seattle Republican Club
PO Box 24282
Seattle, WA 98124-0282

This webpage is hosted by Stefan Sharkansky as a courtesy to the Downtown Seattle Republican Club