May 06, 2004
Moronorail Catblogging

Even Mr. Foxy has enough sense to oppose the Seattle Moronorail.

Sadly, a majority of Seattle's City Councilmembers have less common sense than Mr. Foxy has and they've approved a controversial part of the route without adequate input from the public. Fortunately, we voters can still stop the mono-strosity.

Do your part to help save Seattle from the Moronorail: Do it for Mr. Foxy.

UPDATE: While the group has launched a ballot measure to kill the Moronorail, another group, OnTrack, has the stated goal of ensuring that "the Seattle Monorail Project keeps its promises". This is a tall order. OnTrack has a treasure trove of facts and analysis that raise serious concerns about the project and information on lobbying the City Council to express concerns about the Monorail's impact on the community. It also has some lighter stuff that skewers the Monorail: A hilarious cartoon, a Harper's style "index" of Monorail numbers and a Swiftian "modest proposal" for a Monorail Pentathlon.

Posted by Stefan Sharkansky at May 06, 2004 04:46 PM

Did you hear about the activist advocate who moved to West Seattle to enjoy the monorail, and then learned that the tracks would be right outside his window? Now he's an opponent.
Doesn't sound like he minded that it would run outside other people's windows... or cost too much... or charge non-users... only cared that he would lose his view!!!

Posted by: Bleeding heart conservative on May 8, 2004 08:13 AM
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