December 08, 2003
Cities in Palestine

This is a page from a 2nd grade Palestinian textbook that is currently in use
The text at top:

There are many cities in Palestine and among them is this city: Al-Quds [Jerusalem] and it is the capital of Palestine
The picture below the text is of the Old City of Jerusalem as viewed from the east, with the skyline of Jewish West Jerusalem in the background. The text continues:
There are other cities in Palestine, for example, Gaza, Khan Younis, Hebron, Ramallah, Nablus, Tulkarm, Jenin, Jaffa, Haifa and many others.
The map below is from the same 2nd grade reader. The title reads "The Palestinian people is part of the Arab Islamic nation".

The yellow patch where Israel is supposed to be is labelled "Palestine" (The word Israel does not appear).
The map at left is from a 7th grade Palestinian textbook called "The Geography of Palestine". The map shows that Palestine includes the Galilean Hills, Haifa, Jerusalem, Beersheba and Ashkelon, as well as well known Arab towns. Tel Aviv is omitted totally.
These maps show that the Palestinians are teaching their children to deny the very existence of Israel. Just one more bit of proof that when the Palestinians talk about "ending the occupation", they are not only talking about Gaza, they are talking about ending the Jewish occupation of every part of Israel.

The textbooks in which these lessons appear carry the legend

“The (Palestinian) Ministry of Education welcomes the support, which it has received from institutions and organizations all over the world. In particular, it would like to thank UNESCO, Arab countries, and other friends, including the governments of Belgium and Italy, for the professional and financial assistance given to further this project.”
Source: EU, which has more examples of textbooks and larger image files from which the above graphics were taken. (The full page images for the above, all very large, are here, here and here).

Posted by Stefan Sharkansky at December 08, 2003 04:49 PM

Oh no, it couldn't bee. Arafat promissed to eliminate all incitement in Oslo formal agreements. Europe and UNESCO were supposed to facilitate this elimination of incitement. Oh Arafat didn't do it? Never fear, it will be done under Geneva informal understanding.
And do I have a deal for you, interested?

Posted by: marek on December 8, 2003 06:44 PM

Look the internet is incredible it creates a power and information sharing panacea. Of course it also enables and gives power and information sharing to the racists, fascists/neonazis and far leftist as well as Radical Islamists however, sites like EU Funding, Jihad Watch, ISM Watch, etc... are incredible. These guys are great.

Good Job Stefan.


Posted by: Mike on December 8, 2003 08:04 PM

It's time to put an end to the Arab occupation of Jewish land.

Posted by: Monkia Mankewitz on December 9, 2003 10:55 AM

well, it was their country until the british decided to kick them the fuck out and reduce them to third-rate citizens. granted, the germans did a horrible job and the jewish people suffered more than possibly any other people in history during that time (well, except for maybe palestinian muslims now!), but don't you think kicking out all these people who'd grown up in their country and then basically keeping them in conditions akin to slavery is a bit unfair?

or are you completely unaware of the other side of the story?

Posted by: arafat kazi on December 13, 2003 12:38 PM

at first glance it seems quite shocking, even disgusting, that palestinian school books do not recognise or acknowledge the existence of israel. and, i can see from the above posts that many have inferred that this implies there is a deep-seated desire among all palestinians to destroy israel, a desire that reflects the true aims of the plo and all arab governments. but come now, are you really so shocked? especially, those of you who are jewish?

do you not learn history? zionism ignored the existence of palestinians for decades. the dream of a jewish state in palestine was sold using the phrase: a land without people (ie palestine) for a people without land (ie jews). To provide you with a direct quote on the matter, here is one taken from Palumbo's book entitled The Palestinian Catastrophe: "The Zionists spoke of making Palestine 'As Jewish as England is English'. They also used the slogan 'A land without a people for a people without a land' to describe their attitude toward Palestine. The Zionists considered Palestine uninhabited, despite the fact that in 1881 almost half a million Arabs linved in Palestine, forming almost 95 per cent of the population" (7). but the leaders of zionism knew very well that the palestinians existed and this was seen as one of the largest obstacles to the dream of zionism.

while zionist leaders were convincing jews to immigrate to palestine using the idea that the land was empty and waiting for jewishing cultivation, behind the scenes they were contemplating what to do with the palestinians. Here is what Herzl proposed: "We shall try to spirit the penniliess population across the border by procuring employment for them in the transit countries while denying any employment in our country." Please note that at the time, the creation of Israel had not yet come to pass.

Joseph Weitz, in his diary entry of December 1940 wrote: Between ourselves it must be clear that there is no room for both peoples together in this country....We shall not achieve our goal of being an independent people with the Arabs in this small country. The only solution is a Palestine, as least Western Palestine (west of the Jordan rivier) without Arabs....And there is no other way than to transfer the Arabs from here to the neighbouring countries, to transfer all of them; not one village, not one tribe, should be left....Only after this transfer will the country be able to absorb the millions of our own brethren. There is no other way out.

All this to pose the question: do you think that israeli history books contain such information? Do you think that young, impressionable Israelis are told that in 1938 Ben Gurion told a Zionist meeting: I favour partition of the country because when we become a strong pawer after the establishment of the state, we will abolish partition and spread throughout alll of Palestine.? If you are under such a delusion that this and similar incriminating and revealing information is provided for in the israeli public schooling system, i suggest you procure several of the history books and find out the truth for yourself.

rather than read to much into the school books as implying the destruction of israel, maybe you should look at it via the jewish paradigm that taught jews, young and old, over centuries to remember their homeland. Jews all over the world are educated to feel a sense of belonging and ownership over Palestine. And during the early to mid 20th century, many were fed this dream through the lie that Palestine did not exist any more than the Palestinians. However, there is a significant difference that you should be aware of.

While those Jews from Europe and North America could believe the lies that Palestine was empty and free of people, those Palestinian children living in the occupied territories cannot ignore the fact that israel exists. What these Palestinian books are teaching these children therefore is their history and heritage. Everyday the children of Palestine are brutally reminded of the existence of Israel...this is not something that they can forget, even for an instance. Their whole miserable and wallowing existence is due to this fact. However, it is possible that the children will forget what Palestine was, indeed that Palestine was. By teaching Palestinian children their history and heritage Palestine will always be, even if in an existential sense only. Keeping this dream and knowledge of Palestine alive is as important to Palestinians as was keeping alive the dream of and hope of return to Israel for Jews during the diaspora.

Do you understand that many Palestinian children will never be able to visit those cities that were once, not long ago, part of Palestine under the British rule? Do you realise that many of these youngsters will never be able to visit the cities of their grandfathers, grandmothers, and ancestors, not only becuase such free travel is denied them but due to the fact that many Palestinian cities were razed to the ground and no longer exist? For more on that, try reading All That Remains by Walid Khaldi. Or better yet, read the diaries of Ben Gurion and Moshe Dayan and try to understand for yourself what happened to the Palestinians. Read for yourself the planned destruction of Palestinian cities. Maybe then you will learn, maybe then you will understand.

Posted by: ruwy on December 14, 2003 08:32 AM

i think there is some missunderstant about my lovely palestine that it will our beloved home forever and no one have the right to say any thing else
and the hole unevers know that it will back to us (en sha2 allah)BY THE WILLING OF OUR GOD

Posted by: maram hamzeh on November 22, 2005 12:46 AM
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