June 23, 2003
Headline Howler

You've probably never heard of the Tri-City Herald, but it recently posted a story with the headline:
"Arafat says imprisoned lawmaker Barghouti will be released".

Yes, Barghouti might be a "lawmaker" on the basis of his membership in the "Palestinian Legislative Council". But he was not imprisoned for being a "lawmaker", he is on trial for murder.

Barghouti is a "lawmaker" in the same sense that Saddam Hussein was a jurist, Abimael Guzman is a college professor and Josef Megele was a physician

Posted by Stefan Sharkansky at June 23, 2003 08:45 AM

While reading the Herald (state of Washington, BTW) I spotted this piece of propaganda that beats anything you might see in the NYT, LAT, or WaPo:


Posted by: Frank DiSalle on June 23, 2003 02:09 PM

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