February 26, 2003
Here and There, Feb. 26

Better living through legislation: Legislation-thirsty San Francisco Supervisors Aaron Peskin and Chris Daly introduced legislation Tuesday that would ban talking on cell phones and cell phones that ring at places of public performances. Now I'm as opposed as the next guy to all those nudniks who talk on their cell phone during Swan Lake. But as it is, the San Francisco Police Department solves only 28% of all violent crimes that people even bother to report. Do we want the SFPD to shift priorities and pursue ballet cell phone users before they hunt for child molesters? And how does one report such a crime in the first place? If the guy sitting next to you during La Traviata starts talking on his cell phone, are you supposed to ask to borrow his phone so you can call 9-1-1? But, there will always be those, like Peskin and Daly, who have unshakeable faith that simply passing a law against something will make it disappear. What will these guys try to ban next? Farting in elevators?

Some might say that the San Francisco Chronicle editorial page is useful only for making paper hats. But that would be unkind. Nearly every Chronicle editorial has enormous pedagogical value as a counter-example when teaching our young people how to use, for example, logic, facts, honesty and common sense. Today's lead editorial opens

THE RIGHTIST coalition being formed by Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon offers little hope for restarting the stalled peace process with the Palestinians.
In fact, the biggest obstacle to peace with the Palestinians is not the democratically elected Israeli government. It is the unelected terrorists. And Sharon seems to be making good progress to reduce their ranks and thereby create an opening for meaningful peace.

Ze'ev Schiff reports that Iran's nuclear weapons program is coming along nicely, thanks to the Chinese (a veto-wielding member of the UN Security (for Tyrants) Council). The Mullah State also seems to be pulling a fast one on the IAEA, but going about it in a smarter way than Iraq has.

The Jerusalem Sharkanskys report 30cm of snow. Will the local Bedouins have to trade their tents for igloos?

Belgian Foreign Minister Louis Michel has penned an "open letter to my Israeli friends," which is meant to explain that the Belgian court decision to enable the prosecution of Israelis involved in the Lebanon war is not aimed at Israel. Michel added

I want to emphasize that in Belgium anti-Semitism is not tolerated; and should any sign of it occur, I will fight it with all the means at my disposal
Unfortunately, he has no means at his disposal.

Gil Shterzer reports that the IDF Intelligence Corps has a new website, that includes a fun memory game in which you need to match faces of Arab leaders with their names, either in Hebrew or in Arabic. I played the game in Arabic and I solved the puzzle in just over 3 minutes!

"Saddam, what is the frequency?": Saddam Hussein tells Dan Rather that he prefers death to exile.

We will die in this country and we will maintain our honor
I'm sure that can be arranged.

Posted by Stefan Sharkansky at February 26, 2003 01:28 PM

My understanding is that the Belgian government specifically amended the law to enable the prosecution of Sharon after its Supreme Court struck it down.

While the initial complaint may not have been filed by the chocolate poodles, they have reverted to form to help those who's main goal is the death of the Jews. A detail without distinction in my mind.

BTW Happy B-Day.

Posted by: J. Lichty on February 26, 2003 11:42 AM
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