October 15, 2002
Here and There, Oct 15

Yet another well-intentioned Clinton-Mitchell peace initiative collapses.

Iraq goes to the polls today. Jimmy Carter, I suppose, will declare that the process was fair.

You know the Internet bubble is really, really over when you read a story in the newspaper about a former Silicon Valley software marketing executive who is reduced to parking his trailer home in an office complex, scavenging in dumpsters to make ends meet, and washing his laundry with a garden hose.

Reuel Mark Gerecht writes that

A war against Iraq will reinforce, not weaken, whatever collective spirit has developed among intelligence and security agencies working against Islamic radicals. Indeed, without the war to remove Saddam, it is likely that the counterterrorist efforts of "allied" intelligence and security services in the Muslim world will diminish, if not end entirely. And it shouldn't be that hard to understand why. Self-interest and fear of American power, not feelings of fraternity and common purpose, are what will glue together any lasting international effort against terrorism.
Read the whole thing

Australian blogger/journalist Tim Blair is covering the Bali bombing story.

Be sure to read the interview with Qazi Hussain Ahmad, the Islamist leader who pulled off an upset in the Pakistani election. Recall that Pakistan already has a bomb. Does Qazi not make you wish we had been more pro-active in preventing Pakistan from getting that bomb in the first place? Let's not make this mistake again.

Posted by Stefan Sharkansky at October 15, 2002 06:22 AM
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