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About Stefan Sharkansky

I live in Seattle with my wife Irene, children Olivia and David and cat Chompers. Until May 2003 we lived in San Francisco.

I keep a weblog, called the Shark Blog

I work as a computer software consultant, currently developing portfolio management software used by investment advisors. As part of my business I operate the Mutual Fund Cost Calculator web-site.

In my free time I enjoy travel, hiking, movies, skiiing, rollerblading, reading, writing, bicycling, playing cribbage, cooking, eating, learning foreign languages, and doing many other things.

My Travel Diaries

Sometimes when I travel I keep a diary which I put online

My Sister's Wedding, 2002

David's First Trip to Lake Tahoe, 2002

Hiking in Austrian Alps, 2001

Honeymoon in Barcelona, 2000 (reader's favorite)

Ski-trip to Innsbruck, Austria, 1997 (coming online soon)

Other Things I Write About

NancyWatch Keeping tabs on my Congresswoman, and aspiring House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi

My Mideast Page, writings and links regarding the situation in the Middle East

Letters to the Editor, about the issues of the day.

The Moellemann File my newest project, keeping tabs on controversial German politician Juergen Moellemann. Is his Jew-baiting a campaign stunt, or is he just trying to be helpful? You decide.


Jeopardy! vs. The American Legal System: more similar than meets the eye. With Pictures (may take a while to download) | Text Only

Repealing the Laws of Nature: "Anti-globalization activists, still unsure of whether or not their campaign to repeal the laws of economics will be successful, have already set their sights on a new goal: Repeal the laws of physics..."

German Language Resources

Goethe Institut, San Francisco

LEO online German/English Dictionary

German Adjektival Declension Calculator
Written by yours truly
Der Spiegel


Shark Blog
About Stefan
Letters to Editors
Mideast Page